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Ozgen Ozgec in Northern Virginia - July 20-22, 2018

Mr. Ozgen, Master Turkish Bellydancer, is here to Rock DC! Join us for a fabulous weekend with workshops and a gala show.

Workshop Topics

Day 1:

Love Fusion: Ozgen has been lucky to learn, teach and dance other styles rather than bellydance in his career. And he studied both Ballroom and Latin dance and graduated from one of the most famous schools in Turkey, the Tolgahan Dance Academy. Now he is offering to teach you that amazing dance style and how to convert the movement and style to belly dance music. Sharing some common rhythm patterns and styles from European music such as waltz, rhumba, bolero and tango, Ozgen will will have you falling in love with his fusion to Middle Eastern dance music.

Oriental dance by Ozgen: Mr. Ozgen is nothing short of spectacular on stage. Dancing to Turkish oriental music showcases Ozgenā€™s styling, dramatic, and theatrical presence. Join him for an adventure into the dazzling side of Oriental dance.

Day 2:

Introduction to Romani Dance: Expand your dance vocabulary and join Ozgen to learn more about Turkish Romani dance including different styles, basic moves and hand and arm gestures with their meaning. Lots of fancy feet, expressive arms and gestures and isolations wait for you! There will be information shared about Romani Culture and some videos to watch and study the dance and style in order to understand the culture.

Roman Dance choreography: Learn some cool combinations and moves to Romani dance. Find your inner nomad soul in this energetic Romani dance style. Ozgen will teach traditional styles with his own unique modern twist. 9/8 is the heartbeat of the social dance and Ozgen takes it to a whole new level.

Workshop Pricing

Early Bird special runs through June 1, 2018. The entire weekend will run $185 prior to June 1, 2018 and $215 after. Save your spot for $50! All of the Save a Spot balances must be paid in full by June 1 to secure the early bird special!

Pricing for each workshop is $120 for each day.


Location details for the Workshop and Show are coming soon! Look for us in Northern Virginia in the Fairfax area!

Check out Mr. Ozgen here: www.ozgen.co.uk